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Jeffrey Earl Warren
OWNER, James Warren & Son Realtors

Our Pledge to Our Customers:

Often people ask why they should list with us.  Why, we've sold more land for more dollars over the last 47 years than any independent office..

Well, it starts with the boots.  The tools of the trade are Jeeps, topos, aerial maps and compasses.

The competitive edge is knowledge.  In fact, we don't sell land.  What we sell is knowledge .  We toss in the land for free.  The more knowledgeable the buyer and seller are, the smoother the transaction.

The bare minimum requirement for this business is to have a working knowledge of termite reports, structural reports, zoning regulations, setbacks, basic financing, closing costs and the uncanny ability to point out that there's "Lots of closet space."

However, success in this valley depends on a different type of knowledge.

Ask yourself, "How conversant are you on these topics?"

  • The  tax advantages of the Williamson Act?

  • The difference between Type H and type A contracts?

  • The Ag preserve? 

  • Measure J?  

  • The Hillside Ordinance? 

  • The Ag Watershed Vs. the Ag Preserve?

  • What do you need to cut a parcel into forty acres? To sixty? 

  • What about certificates of compliance? 

  • Lot line adjustments? 

  • Surveys?

  • The value of plantable land in Pope Valley vs. Mt. Veeder. 

  • What does wasteland go for per acre?  Or grazing land?  Or premium Cabernet land?

  • The cost of a building site? 

  • How can an additional acre increase the value of a parcel by half a million to three-quarters of a million dollars?

  • The cost of drilling a well and finding water vs. the cost of drilling and coming up dry. 

  • The costs of holding tanks? 

  • CDF (California Division of Forestry) requirements regarding water, roads, and building permits? 

  • Iron in the water? 

  • The levels of Boron and their effects? 

  • How much water does a vineyard actually need?  A two bedroom house?  Is ten gallons per minute sufficient?

  • Perc tests? 

  • Back hoes for soil analysis? 

  • Dressa dibble vs. Macadame?

  • The Napa County Soil Conservation Department?

  • What is the price per ton for Cabernet, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and  Sauvignon Blanc? 

  • How many tons per acre of each variety should you expect on the Valley floor?  In the hillsides? 

  • What is the cost per acre to farm grapes?  What can one expect to make selling grapes? 

  • How many cases in a ton of grapes? 

  • What are the effects of Utipa, fan leaf, leaf roll, nematodes and, of course, Phyloxra? 

  • What are the advantages of So4 over 1l0R?  Are there any? 

  • How much will it cost to replant an acre of grapes?  To plant on virgin soil?  To clear an acre for grapes?  What if a vineyard is on AXR-1?

  • What does it cost to pave a road?  To Blue shale it?  To grade one?

  • How many dwellings can you have on a parcel?  What size guest 'house?  How about caretaker's house? 

  • Who can farm your vineyard?  Who's in the market to lease your grapes?  To buy your grapes?

  • How much grazing land to horse require?  Cattle? 

  • What's the price of Hay -- Alfalfa or oat?

  • The definition of a Winery? 

  • The 75% rule?

  • Above ground tanks and below ground tanks?

Sure.  We sell homes.  Lots of 'em.  But our strength is in the land -- because we've walked the land, galloped on the land, ridden over it in Jeeps.

We've got the most extensive collection of aerial photographs of any office in the valley.   Not vanity pictures, but bluelines with parcels marked on them so one can really see what one owns, or is buying.  Some of the aerials go back to the first flights in 1959, so you can see how the valley (or your property )has changed over the decades. 

We've got more parcels marked out on topos than any office in the valley.

We invite you to compare our files to those of any other office.  We feel confident that we've got more in-depth files on more pieces of property than anyone, anywhere.

But don't expect to find us in the office.  Most of the time we're out on the land,  helping a neighbor find an approximate corner, coordinating drillers, checking back hoe samples,  examining a vineyard or tromping through the poison oak trying to find a building  site we suspect is there from the looks of a topo.

We've got the dirtiest boots in town. 

And we're proud of it,