Napa Valley Updates

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jeffrey, my friend, I have been reading your column since you started writing, and I have followed the events surrounding the recall through your column and the Star online. I can't begin tell you how sorry I am to read of the outcome. I am in shock! I was so sure that the St. Helena I knew, would be above this sort of thing would take the high road. I truly believed that those "rebel rousers" would learn their lesson. Unfortunately I was wrong and now the entire community including teachers, staff, parents and students will learn that there is a horrific price to pay for allowing this type of deceit and manipulation to put down roots. I have watched this type of thing happen not only here in Chico but in some of the small agricultural communities in this area. I have watched as "newcomers," who do not come close to understanding the values and history of a community, and who could care less, move in and take positions of leadership and power. it has resulted in a steady decline of those qualities that made these little country towns so special. In almost every case they have, over time, laid waste to all that was good and all that those communities valued. From my observation post it appears to be cyclical and and they will end up running their course but the devastation and hurt they leave behind will leave it's mark. I do not understand why people who leave the big cities to escape all that is wrong there, feel it is incumbent upon them to foist that same misery on the community in which they have found safe harbor. Somehow they believe they can take what did not work where they were, and make it work by the force of their own will and their highly enlightened perspectives. Their arrival has been the stench of death to many small rural communities throughout northern California. Arrogant, and self-serving, civility, honesty, integrity and honor are unknown to them. They are thugs at best, conspiratorial assassins, lovers of disharmony, and unrest. It's all about them! When they have raped the land and the destruction is complete, they will piss on the community and move on. I guess I didn't need to say all of that. My purpose was to have you pass on to your lovely wife, my best wishes. Even though I don't live there, it touches me and I would like to thank her for her honesty, integrity, and her willingness to sacrifice and serve. I know because she is your wife, and because of the type of people you are, that you will hold your heads high and continue to contribute to all that is good about St. Helena and the Napa Valley. Continue to be a watchman and hold the standard high, there are apparently few left who know what that special place is really all about.Your friend,Russ Slankard